Xenon scheinwerfer- features of H7 LED and xenon headlamps

During nights, the road becomes less visible and if your cars don’t have good headlamps then you have the risk of accidents. Good car lights are thus necessary to have a safety on the road while driving the vehicles. Cars these days are mainly equipped with halogen or H7 led or xenon headlamps. Many manufacturers like the Mercedes, BMW, etc are making use of them which gained them popularity. Each of the headlamps is different and they have different functionality which contributes to advantages and disadvantages.

Let us take a look at the features of Xenon scheinwerfer

Xenon lights are better than the halogen light because of their efficiency.  This light is efficient as it offers more bright light which is generated without consumption of more energy. This lighting technology was first used in BMW 7 series during 1991. This light has good range and better illumination of the road ahead. Thus, you can drive safely on road during dark and experience day like lightning. In addition to this feature, you see that xenon headlamps are highly durable and long-lasting. Thus, you do not need to replace it again and again!

Xenon headlamps consist of an incandescent filament. There are two electrodes the arc develops in the lamps when gas is discharged between electrodes. Radiant vapor is formed by the additives and metal salts that donates extra light.

Featured of LED headlamps-

Light emitting diode or LED are used in various applications. It is also used in vehicles these days. This type of headlamp is not very popular but is effective. They offer some feature and benefits like space saving installation, daylight coloring and so on. The LED lamps have a longer lifespan and they are robust to shocks. In addition to this it also gets high luminosity as well as efficiency, thus save energy and utilize less energy.

So, now that you have read the features of the two types of headlamps, you will be able to decide which one is good for your vehicle. You can buy Xenon scheinwerfer if you don’t want LEDs. LEDs are costly but xenon is not costly. You can buy according to your budget from the online market. These headlights are available in different designs. Buy the one which is having better design along with good features. While buying the correct headlamp considering features are not only important but you have to look at the disadvantages too!

If your car is equipped with LED headlight then you will not be able to replace it easy because in case of defects the whole module has to be replaced. But this is not the case with xenon headlamps. They are easy to install and replace. They are easily available too! Cost of replacement of LED can be more. So buying Xenon scheinwerfer is a good option. If you wish to buy it now then go to any best electric shopping store online and pick the best headlight. Make sure you compare two brands and choose best one.

Post Author: Forbes Erskine