Tips for Hiring a Shipping Partner

Many local businesses that are looking to expand into other markets need to first find a shipping partner. A considerable amount of importance must be given to this decision, because the shipping company will be responsible for making sure that the deliveries are made on time and the products are delivered in their original condition. If the shipping company does not handle the products responsibly, your business will suffer serious losses. A number of local shipping companies now offer nationwide courier and delivery services. You can contact the company to find out more about their rates and other information. However, before you sign up for the long term with any shipping company, here are a few important things that you should know.

Start With a Shortlist

Before you sign a contract with any truck courier in Perth, you might want to consider making a shortlist first. Look for local companies that offer shipping services for businesses and check their websites to find out more about their delivery services. You should make a shortlist first in order to limit your options and save time when negotiating with different companies. Make sure that you only include companies that have a nationwide delivery network and have been in this business for a long while.

Negotiate the Rates

Next, you need to contact the local shipping companies and find out how much they will charge for shipping your goods. Obviously, the prices are likely to differ, depending upon the nature of the product. If you are shipping food items that must be transported in a specific manner, such as in refrigerated containers, it’s going to cost you more money. However, if you are only shipping standard goods, the prices are unlikely to be that high. You need to negotiate the rates with the company in order to find out how much the shipping will cost. If the goods are being sold at higher prices in one city and lower in another, it will land you in hot waters with the government. Your company will need to absorb the costs of shipping, so it’s important that you choose a shipping partner that offers lower rates. You can negotiate the price with the company first to get a quote, most companies are willing to give discounts to clients who want to ship goods in bulk quantities.

Trial Orders

Before you settle for the long term with any shipping company, it might be a wise move to place a trial order first. You can ship a small quantity of goods through the company’s portal and see whether the goods are delivered on time. If they are, you can then place a bigger order with the company.

Post Author: Forbes Erskine