Sleek Driver: Four Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Car

It may seem far-fetched, but the truth is that style does matter. Finding a style that fits you personally can improve mood and confidence, which can be extended beyond clothes. The way your car looks should match who you are, and the following are a few ways that you can personalize your car with your unique sense of style.

1. Color Matters

The first thing you can do is paint your car. There is no reason to stick to the color that the car manufacturer chose for your car. There are a number of different colors and grades that you can choose, from midnight black to more extravagant colors like bronze. The idea here is to find a color that matches your unique sense of a style and a color that you actually love.

2. An Artist’s Touch

This idea is a bit of a love or hate, but many people like adding some art to their vehicles. Some people add small works of art on a part of the vehicle while others add a big art piece across the hood of the car. The decision is totally up to you, but make sure you contract an artist who can show you his or her previous work to ensure that the artist can deliver a piece of work that you can be proud to show.

3. Awesome Rims

Subtle but bold changes are sometimes all you really need to make a car fit you better. There are not many things that you can change on a car if you really think about it, but you can change your wheels. For example, you can choose a chrome, dark color if you want to give off a sleek look to onlookers while you are driving. You can purchase rims with a rugged look or a slimmer look, depending on the kind of attitude you want your vehicle to convey. Be sure to look at as many models as possible to find the rims that best fit the look you want.

4. Color Scheme

The headlights can be changed or you can add some under-carriage lights to your vehicle. Both of these additions are a little flashy, but they can make a car feel more yours than ever. The lights that you add can be subtle, or you can make them pretty bold if you choose a color that is unorthodox. Bolder colors usually fit well with sporty vehicles while subtle changes are better suited for luxury vehicles. Still, the decision is yours, and it okay to go against what is expected if you want.

These are just some of the things you can do to personalize the look of your vehicle. You can also change your interior’s material to something more luxurious like leather as an example. Do not be afraid to look for inspiration online to see how others have personalized their vehicles to get some ideas, just in case you get stuck.


Post Author: Forbes Erskine