Personal Security And Armored Vehicle: How They Guarantee Super Safety?

Most cars today come with high-end safety features and innovations. However, in some cases, certain people have to take their security one step ahead. And, this is where armored vehicles come into the picture. Being a full-proof solution for all-around security, these vehicles let you drive with an added protection.

Here are some of their features that set them apart:

Bulletproof glass

This is one of the most significant aspects that differentiate an armored vehicle from a normal one. In comparison to a ballistic glass, a normal glass shatters in the impact of the fast-paced bullet. This is because of the lack of flexibility in it.

The glass used in an armored vehicle is energy absorbing. This means when a bullet hits it, there are multiple layers of polycarbonate and glass to dissipate the energy horizontally.

Machine Modification

Every element in the car is accustomed to fit the weight of the car so that it can work properly in unison. In an armored vehicle, the added heavy steel, ballistic glass, and stronger tyres, increases the overall weight of the car and hence its security.

In this regard, Troy Armoring Company ensures its customers faultless modification so that their car doesn’t falter on actual usage.

Heavier Tyres

In emergency situations, if the tyre goes flat, there is no use of other protective elements. To counter this problem, thick rubber tyres are utilized in the making of an armored vehicle, which makes it bullet-resistant. However, in case of more impactful bullet fire, the security can be taken up a notch with the installation of systems that will add more air to the respective tyres.

The second solution is to make the tyre capable of functioning without air. In the case of less air pressure, a hard ring is installed around the rim. This ensures the weight to be balanced and your tyre to be in proper condition.

Increased Safety

From the above-given highlights, it is very clear that an armored vehicle is far safer than an ordinary one. Considering its heavy tyres which can run through hard paths, the ballistic windows and the heavy steel which makes it a tough nut to crack, it definitely provides seamless safety.

So depending on your needs and threat assessments, an armored car can be a sure shot solution for your complete protection. For, it can address your security needs in the right way!

Post Author: Forbes Erskine