Car filters

Modern vehicles use various kinds of fluids, and air is used in many of their systems, so there is a whole variety of filters, used in them. The main function of any filter is to stop ingress of dust and other particles into the working fluids, reducing harmful effects caused by them. Depending on a vehicle transmission and power unit types, there are the following types of filters:

Cabin filters. Their main function is to clean air coming into the cabin. Their working element is pleated non-woven material, which efficiently stops even the smallest particles, pollen, soot. A carbon air filter contains grains of activated charcoal, which absorbs unpleasant odours and exhaust fumes well.

Engine air filters. This expendable part is very important, as operability of the whole engine depends on it. Without being cleaned, the air supplied into the combustion chambers will bring abrasive substances, such as dust and sand, leading to premature wear-out and performance loss of the power unit, abrasion on its working surfaces, improper fuel mixture formation.Oil filters. Quality of motor oil is crucial for engine faultless operation, so it needs to be well cleaned from wear products and other impurities. You can find any type of filter for your car at REXBO.

Fuel filters. Typically, there are two fuel filters, the first with paper pleads, and the second, fine fuel filter, usually located in the fuel tank together with the fuel pump. They clean fuel, ensuring proper operation of car ignition system.
Transmission oil filters. A common manual gearbox has no filter, while automatic gearboxes typically have transmission oil filters, as their operation is more complicated and transmission of the driving torque is performed with the help of ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).

Most car manufacturers recommend to replace these filters every 7,000–10,000 operational kilometers. Otherwise, work of the corresponding systems may worsen. Make sure you buy high-quality expendables only.

Post Author: Forbes Erskine